Train Safety System – Overview

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Dynatrack Technology is an on-board locomotive control system deployed to actively monitor trains within a rail network, ensuring collision avoidance and speed limit adherence, while ensuring maximum traffic throughput.


Purpose-Designed and Compact

Dynatrack controllers are purpose-designed, from the ground up. At the heart of the system is a powerful microprocessor that provides both high performance and reliability. The result is a highly compact, industrial system.

Self-Contained, Failsafe Communications

The compact control units incorporate efficient radio equipment, that create a dual-layer wireless network. This dual-layer approach provides a permanent failsafe fallback, ensuring uninterrupted communications.

Optimised Intervention

Intelligent algorithms ensure optimal intervention, maintaining high throughput while ensuring safe operation. Early warnings alert drivers and train controllers to possible upcoming dangers well before the situation becomes critical.

Real-Time Management and Monitoring

The back-office continually logs activity, allowing real-time monitoring and decision-making via a Train Controller display. Via the same interface, locomotives can be remotely disabled or de-commissioned, in real-time. The incorporated database provides the means for historical playback, with virtually limitless storage.

Crisp & Clear Graphical User Interface

The on-board and back-office interfaces provide just the right amount of information, clearly. Key information is available at a glance.

Individual Logon

Every locomotive driver has a unique logon. This allows logging of data and reporting on a driver-by-driver basis